Daily Bible Readings

Daily Bible Readings

following the Christadelphian Bible Companion

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A total of 60 Christadelphian brothers have read the whole of the Bible.  Each individual chapter is read by a different reader from the previous chapter.  There is no announcing of the chapters beforehand, each change of voice denotes a change of chapter.


 You can buy your personal copy of these readings - one is for your PC, and the other is an audio CD set.  Click the links below for more information:


  Version for PC

 Audio CD


 Technical Information


The cost includes a donation to the Christadelphian Bible Mission Project Aid Fund of 15.00.

If you regularly listen to the readings on this web page, perhaps you may consider making a donation to the CBM.


The Western World is very well blessed in material things.  Elsewhere around the globe Christadelphians do not have the same material wealth.  For them, even a second-hand Bible is something to be desired.  In purchasing this audio-Bible you will have made a donation towards helping their daily spiritual life.  All that is retained by the distributors is sufficient to cover the cost of distribution; all costs of production have been absorbed by others. The balance will be passed to The Christadelphian Bible Mission Project Aid Fund.

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Further info and enquiries: Enquiries@DailyBibleReadings.org.uk

Orders: Sales@DailyBibleReadings.org.uk giving your name and full postal address. 

A copy will then be sent to you along with an invoice for you to pay.


Updates to the DVD version for the PC are available for download from this site (click the "updates" link), including the facility to make files for your i-Pod or MP3 player.

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